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Nestled on the western tip of the African continent, the capital city of the Gambia, Banjul is among a few destinations in the African continent that lush with a fabulous coastline and dazzling ports along with tempting heritage and incredible lifestyle. With a wide variety of beaches on the shores of the North Atlantic Ocean, the city have been deriving voyagers to take flights to Banjul from every part of the world and explore the fabulous diversity and magnificent scene of cityscape. Although the size of the capital of the Gambia seem to be disappointing, but once you step out of the airport, you will find a whole different world, full of possibilities for commerce and leisure along with myriad options of sightseeing and enjoyment.

Take cheap Banjul flights and get going on a memorable vacation with the people you love whilst exploring the key markets, prominent attractions as well as historical sites of the capital of the Gambia including King Fahad Mosque, West Kiang National Park, Roman Catholic Cathedral, Arch 22, River Gambia National Park, Bijilo Forest Park, Baitus Salam Mosque, National Museum, Abuko Nature Reserve, Albert Market, African Heritage Museum, Banjul Court House, State House of Banjul and many more sites that have been demonstrating the bewitching heritage along with the craftsmanship of the Gambia. Apart from all the sightseeing, travelers can enjoy some scrumptious bites of refreshing and health-friendly dishes that have been descended from the culture of the Gambia.

Take cheap Banjul flights from SmartFares today and enjoy a delightful vacation on the shores of the River of Gambia as well as remote beaches of the North Atlantic Ocean whilst exploring some of the finest attractions of the Gambian heritage. So, if you have been planning an off-beat vacation in the African region, then book your flights to Banjul with SmartFares today and save huge with our variety of travel deals and offers available online for your pocket-friendly trip to Western Africa.

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