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Surabaya is a port city in Indonesia, located on the Java Island, which is known for its modern skyscrapers, ultramodern culture and lively ambiance. The influence of the 15th century civilization and modern architectures make it a wonderful and sprawling metropolis that makes an amazing tourist destination. It is the second largest city in the country that acts as an important financial hub of the nation. The influence of the Dutch colonial past can be seen in many of its buildings and architectures.

Surabaya is an ethnically diverse city that has a wide range of places and spots for your next getaway. The major attractions that can be explored while being here include the Heroes Monument, Mount Bromo, Bonbin Surabaya, House of Sampoerna, Baluran National Park, House of Sampoerna, Cheng Ho Chinese Mosque, Candi Singosari, Tugu Monument, Coban Rondo Falls, Suramadu National Bridge, Monkasel (Submarine Monument), Ampel Mosque, Sanggar Agung Temple, Jembatan Merah, Kalimas River, etc. To explore more, book a cheap flight to Surabaya soon and delve into its majestic charm.

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