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Tehran is the capital city of Iran, which is known for its ancient cultural and historical heritage. This bustling metropolis boasts the influence of the 9th century civilization and happens to be the largest city of the nation. With a treasure trove of old age wonders, it is an amazing destination that attracts visitors from different parts of the globe.

Tehran happens to be the home to several breathtaking mountains, modern skyline and wonderful sights that will make you fall in love with it. The major attractions that can be explored while being here include the The National Jewelry Treasury, Golestan Palace, Darband, Milad Tower, Tabiat Bridge, Sadabaad Palace, National Museum of Iran, Valiasr Street, Jamshidieh Stone Garden, Glassware Museum of Tehran, Carpet Museum of Iran, Reza Abbasi Museum, Moghadam Museum, Mellat Park, Abo-o-Atash Park, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Shah-Abdol-Azim shrine, Chitgar Park, etc. The magic of this wonderland cannot be expressed in words, you need to be here to feel the charm yourself. Book a cheap flight to Tehran soon and explore the hidden vistas of its beauty.

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