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Osh is the second largest city in Kyrgyzstan, which is known for its ancient heritage, amazing architectures and beautiful landscapes. Mosques, castles, palaces and churches can be found all over this beautiful city that add grace to its beauty. The rugged landscapes, panoramic views and beautiful sights make it an awe-inspiring place.

Osh happens to be an important historical city in the country and has played a vital role in connecting the country to other parts of the world. A trip to this city will make you witness some of the unseen spots and places that are going to make you wonder in surprise. The major attractions that can be explored while being here include the Dom Babura, Cave Museum, Peak Lenin, Sulamain-Too Sacred Mountain, Suleiman's Mount, Central Tien Shan, Ala-Archa Canyon, Tash Rabat, Lake Song-kol, Solomon’s Mount, etc. There is a lot more to be discovered and seen, but for that you need to book a cheap flight to Osh soon.

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