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The picturesque capital of a wonderful island country of the African continent Madagascar, Antananarivo is one of the most captivating and bewitching destinations in the country, known for its wonderful variety of ruins that date back to 17th century. A landlocked city that is constructed on ridged rocky region of the island, Antananarivo have been a blissful escape option for those who like to ditch the cliché methods of traveling and look for some amazing off-the-beaten tracks. Hence, recently a huge spike in the bookings of flights to Antananarivo have been witnessed and tourists tend to enjoy a vacation with family and friends in this part of Africa.

Take cheap Antananarivo flights and enjoy a sparkling getaway experience, full of adventure, freshness and surprises whilst exploring an abundant variety of attractions including Andohalo, Le Petit Musee de Poierre, Antananarivo Flower Market, Digue Market, Is'Art Galerie, Monument aux Morts, Cathedrale Catholique d Andohalo, Piratenmuseum, Gare de Soarano, Analakely Market, Tsimbazaza Zoo, Croc Farm, Ambohimanga, Lac Anosy, Traces, Soavinandriamanitra, Parc Tsarasaotra, Madarail, Eglise de Faravohitra, Open-air market, Independence Avenue, Madagascar Exotics, Le Palais de la Reine, Lemurs' Park and many more places that are not only related with the history of the Madagascar, but also shares an abundant variety of culture, nature, lifestyle and religious values of the natives.

Take cheap Antananarivo flights and have a spellbinding trip to the pleasant lands of the Madagascar whilst exploring the beautiful lemurs, exotic parks, fascinating historical architectures and much more. So, if you have been a fan of African wilderness and looking for something more refreshing as well as informative, then all you need now is to book your flights to Antananarivo with SmartFares today and enjoy some great savings through our wide range of travel deals and offers available online for a captivating and pocket-friendly trip to the beautiful island country on the shores of the Indian Ocean.

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