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Krakow is a city in the southern Poland, near the Czech Republic, which is famous for its art and culture, historical past and many awe inspiring sites that make the city a renowned tourist destination in the Europe. Its well preserved medieval and Jewish civilization makes it a rich in heritage destination whose influence can be seen all over the city. The mystical ambiance and lively streets captivate the eyes of many travelers, visiting it from different parts of the world.

Main Square, Wawel Castle, St. Mary’s Basilica, Wawel Cathedral, Polish Aviation Museum, Wieliczka Salt Mine, Planty Park, St. Andrews Church, Rakowicki Cemetery, Church of St Adalbert, Tyniec, etc. are the major attractions of the city that shall be explored while taking a trip to the city. So, book a cheap flight to Krakow today to experience its magical charm.

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