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Nearly 35 miles north from the New York City, the sprawling and fantastic conurbation of Rockland County has been among the finest and calmest getaway options for metropolis sick people. Best described as a cultural melting Pot on the Hudson River, this magnificent conurbation has been a great getaway option for both family and couple travelers. As a result, not millions, but thousands of tourists take flights to Rockland County and enjoy a peaceful getaway to the Northern tip of New York State. With huge stretches of parklands and recreational areas, the city has given tourists a great weekend travel option in the outskirts of bustling conurbations.

Take cheap Rockland County flights and enjoy a tremendous array of attractions while strolling around the refreshing backdrops and beautiful parklands lushes with swimming areas, fishing spots, hiking trails and boating experiences. Plan a trip to Rockland County and visit the most iconic landmarks like Pearl River, Stony Point, Nyack, Tallman Mountain State Park, Monsey, Harriman State Park, Rockland Lake State Park, Bear Mountain State Park, Congers, New City, Nanuet, Valley Cottage, Suffern, Sloatsburg, Piermont, Spring Valley and nearly a hundred of other spectacular landmarks that are ideal to stroll and get refreshed.

Take cheap Rockland County flights with SmartFares now and enjoy a rejuvenating getaway to the city comprising mountains, lakes, valleys, rivers, parklands and more as well as myriad of cultural sites. So, next time when you feel a bit oozed out and seek a refreshing breakout, book your tickets to Rockland County and get delighted by the scenic beauty as well as some handsome offers on flight deals.

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